Saturday, December 26, 2009

Guest Post ...

In today's culture we frequently find ourselves in a state of "political correctness" and we have a general fear of being caught outside the "political correctness" box and if caught we will find ourselves the subject of attacks, degradation and finger pointing. Much of this finger pointing has been done by the radical feminists who launch an unmitigated and unresisted attack and just about anything that so much as whispers something offensive. One of these unrestricted attacks launched by the radical feminists and the secular media is upon the Catholic Church for being sexist because they do not allow female priests or bishops. Now truth be told there has been no other organization that has fought harder for the protection and rights of women. Way back when women may have been treated ihnumanly or unfairly it was the doctrines of the Catholic church that first placed women and men on the same level. When many cultures stood by polygmastic habits or when invading armies would kidnap women and make them their concubines the Catholic Church commanded that men only take one wife and respect and protect them from the dangers of this world. When Jesus Christ lived and walked amongst us he raised a woman to the highest and greatest status any human being ever could. She was made the mother of God. God, the omnipotent creature of the universe chose a woman to be his mother, a role no man could ever take.

In today's society it can be very hard for a woman to return to a life of honesty and integrity once she has gone down the road of prostitution and immorality. One of the most famous woman to have returned from that path is Mary Magdalene who sought solace and a new life in following Jesus. Today many women and men, who have also gone down the path of unrighteousness, seek a new life in the path of Christ which he has so unfailingly and lovingly laid out before our feet.

Another common war cry of the radical feminists is how the church has stated its disagreements and protests against abortion and contraceptives. Many feminists claim that this unfairly targets women because they are the only ones who can be pregnant. It is unfortunate for women because they are most certainly the ones who recieve the short end of the stick in those situations. What the catholic church states is not an attack on unfortunate women but rather a defence of the defenceless. It protects the unborn children who cannot run away, scream, or raise a sign of protest for themselves. As I saw at the annual pro-life march in Washington D.C. there was a woman holding a sign saying "I believe in the rights of women, the rights of unborn women to be born". Once again the catholic church defends the rights of women, only it appears they are attacking women because of the unfortunate circumstances women frequently find themselves in.

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