Monday, December 7, 2009

I'm confused ... yet hopeful.

George Weigel makes the all the mistakes of a pulp-fiction novelist or weekend crime-beat reporter. He uses loaded words, he doesn't provide easy links that some commenters here found with no trouble at all, and he just can NOT see the forest for the trees.

First -- "Lefebvrists". This is quickly becoming like "racist" or "Nazi" in American political argument whereby the sooner you stoop to this word, the sooner you concede you have no point. The Priestly Society of St. Pius X was formed by Abp. Lefebvre AND APPROVED by Paul VI. They adhere to ideas championed by Abp. Lefebvre and countless others such as "The Council is not clear", or "The Council seems to justify action in those who part from tradition", or "the Council seems to be at odds with the timeless teaching of the Church" or many other phenomena that George Weigel himself notices and comments on from time to time.

If he would stop and listen to the argument they make, he might see that the SSPX has a lot of very good points besides just "The New Mass dilutes the Faith" - he misses that the society continually expresses concern for the fact that it might actually lead many souls into a false sense of security and cause them to risk perdition. He mentions nothing about ecumenism or "extra ecclesiam", which are probably two of the biggest points in recent writings and comments from the Society. And yet, he himself notes the gross misreading of basic theology when bishops start commenting out loud that the Jewish covenant is still valid and so there is no need of conversion.

Nope - typical for many of his writings, he is slightly hostile to real tradition, aggressively defends what he perceives to be assaults on the reputation of JPII, and generally misses the point. A little calumny against traditionalists thrown in for fun, and he doesn't even need the by-line. Calumny? When he says that many of the lay adherents are "more confused than willfully schismatic", what other word fits?

And no, I am not an adherent --> but I am getting quite frustrated at the refusal to address their points on the merits.


24 November, 2009 04:40

The above is a comment on "Rorate Caeli", blogspot on a statement made by George Weigel concerning SSPX/Vatican dialogues. I have no idea what's going on with the society but I have high hopes that they will become a powerful force for our Holy father Pope Benedict XVI.

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