Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My Apologies to the Children of Afghanistan for their abandonment by the West to certain savagery!

This is my formal apology to the people of Afghanistan, especially the little children who had no choice in the land of their birth.

I am sorry that the armies of the west are pulling out in a short while, leaving you to the protection of a security force that is incapable of protecting you, even if it wanted to. I am sorry that the west has abandoned you to almost certain savagery, in the form of theft, rape and murder which are sure to follow the withdrawal. I am sorry that we, westerners have not held our elected official to task well enough on this issue. I am so sorry that westerners, especially the people of Canada, have not bothered to educate themselves whatsoever, about you, your history or your way of life. I am sorry that Canadians have not bothered to care at all about your future. I am sorry that you trusted us to protect you and then co-operated with us, risking your lives and the lives of your families only to be abandoned to the Taliban. I will pray for you each night when I lay my guilt ridden head on a pillow, safe in the comfort of my home.

I am sure that in a couple of years when you are embroiled in yet another brutal civil war, this apology will do you no good and I am sorry for that too.

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