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ArchBishop Sheen on youth and sex and everything else

Part #4 Would that we had any bishops like him! Check out

ArchBishop Sheen on youth and sex and everything else

Part #3 Better and better.

ArchBishop Sheen on youth and sex and everything else

Part#2 What a beautiful reflection on the relationship between husband and wife! Grab your spouse, watch this, you will be blessed by the wisdom of Fulton J. Sheen. Greatest American bishop and future saint.

ArchBishop Sheen on youth and sex and everything else


Surprising, from the American MMM

Here is a nice little video summarising Canada`s relationship with the United States. Enjoy everyone!

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Beautiful Photo

Ignattieff stumbles again

More on the Harper vs Ignattieff battle in regards to the abortion issue. This from the very secular National Post daily. In it we have the same old pro-abort nonsense about women going to back alley abortionists unless these murders of babies are state funded and standardized. This man wants to represent Canada on the international stage? No thanks Iggy!

Abortionist collects trophies from his victims

Warning: extremely gross, proceed only if you have a strong stomach.

I had no intention of doing any posts as my wife and I are moving to a new home in a new town with a newborn in tow, however, I just couldn't let this one pass without pointing it out to my fellow Catholics.

Note that the investigation was launched due to a woman being killed during a "botched" procedure. Kind of nullifies the pro-choice arguement that if abortion is not legally available that women will go to back alley abortionists where there lives will be in danger. I wonder if Planned Parenthood actually notifies women on the table that the procedure is medically risky?I doubt it, bad for business. Excuse me while I go vomit!

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Mr. Harper stands strong for children in the womb

The following article is from Life Site news, and concerns Prime Minister Harper standing strong against opposition leader Michael Ignattieff concerning international abortion funding. Mr. Harper has decided that as Canada is hostng the G-8 summmit this year that he will set the agenda for helping women and children in developing countries. Mr. Ignattieff stated that any health care initiatives should include access to reproductive "health" measures. Mr. Harper has rejected his oppostion's call for abortion funding abroad and instead will focus on clean water, innoculations and better nutrition as well as training of health care workers. This article also pointed out that since Mr. Harper has become Prime Minister of Canada that funding for the Canadian branch of planned parenthood, the Canadian Federation for Sexual Health has fallen from nearly 1.3 million dollars a year to just over 9 thousand dollars a year. Mr. Harper is a far from perfect national leader but he is the best we have had in a long time. Perhaps this is why God has blessed Canada so much lately.

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Pity, I dare say ...

"But this is terrible!" cried Frodo. "Far worse than the worst that I imagined from your hints and warnings. O Gandalf, best of friends, what am I to do? For now I am really afraid. What am I to do? What a pity that Bilbo did not stab that vile creature, when he had the chance!"

"Pity, it was Pity that stayed his hand. Pity, and Mercy: not to strike without need. And he has been well rewarded, Frodo. Be sure that he took so little hurt from the evil, and escaped in the end, because he began his ownership of the Ring so. With Pity."

"I am sorry," said Frodo. "But I am frightened; and I do not feel any pity for Gollum."

"You have not seen him," Gandalf broke in.

"No, and I do not want to... Do you mean to say that you have let him live on after all those horrible deeds? He deserves death!"

"Deserves it! I daresay he does. Many that live deserve death. And some that die deserve life. Can you give it to them? Then do not be too eager to deal out death and judgment. For even the wise cannot see all ends. I have not much hope that Gollum can be cured before he dies, but there is a chance of it." ...

"All the same," said Frodo, "even if Bilbo could not kill Gollum, I wish he had not kept the Ring. I wish he had never found it, and that I had not got it! Why did you let me keep it? Why didn't you make me throw it away, or, or destroy it?

"Let you? Make you?" said the wizard. Haven't you been listening to all that I have said? You are not thinking of what you are saying." For former members of the Legion and those who are just curious.

More to follow on MM and the LC

Alright folks, I have been posting some pretty sensational stuff on Marcial Maciel and the order he founded, which I was a member of for four years. Believe what you want to but the stuff that has come out since his children's lawyers filed suit against the congregation is just out of this world. We now know that he had six children. He had five separate identities used in four different countries. He had established a Bahamian trust fund for his illegitimate children. His worldly assets totalled $20, 500, 000 in property and cash while his seminarians ate expired, rancid food. This information has been corroborated by Fr. Alfredo Torres one of the first Legionary co-founders who was present at MM's death as well as the current General Director, Fr. Alvaro Corcuera, Fr. Luis Garza and Maciel's principle mistress as well as his eldest daughter. All were present at the founders death. There was also an exorcist present as it was assumed Marcial Maciel had been overcome by the devil because of his abuse of the sacraments in order to pursue his carnal past times. In death he refused the annointing of the sick, confesson and communion. I will continue to search for more information on the Legion and her founder especially considering recent information that has come to light on the second anniversary of his death. What will happen to the Legion remains to be seen. She still has many good and holy members who had nothing to do with any of this, my brother included. The Holy Father is expected to render a verdict in March, we must pray for the Wisdom of Solomon for him and that the best may be done for Holy Mother Church and all those who have suffered at the hands of this many headed beast, Marcial Maciel. We must pray for all members of the legion whose only wish is to serve the church and souls.
Thy will be done!

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This just in ...

Legionaries summon exorcist to Marcial Maciel as he lay dying. Read for yourself ...

Why? It seems that for the previous two years, the founder had lost the faith. He did not go to mass, did not pray... The Legionaries who took care of him came to know that he felt "repulsed by religion". And aversion to religious objects is an unequivocal sign of possession. In fact, they say that from as early as 1946, the first Legionaries witnessed rare phenomena of the mephistophelian type. The father had at that time "a room in the house of the Sacred Heart", un chalet con a statue of this devotion. A "strange room". First, it had no bed. "Maciel slept in a coffin". Second, it was strange due to the odd phenomena that occurred there. One night, his companions heard strange noise in Maciel's room and, upon entering, they were met with "balls of fire which circled the founder's room and then the fire vanished".

Others attest that, one day in the sacristy, fierce dogs appeared. Maciel ordered the young men that were with him to leave the room and, the same way that the dogs appeared, "the dogs disappeared from the room whose door was closed". Another time, he was in the chapel. Upon hearing a noise, the Legionaries "opened the door and found the pews thrown about and Maciel under one of them". Presence of the Evil One?

When I was a Legionary novice in Dublin, Ireland we heard rumour of alleged attacks by the evil one himself against "Nuestro Padre", I dismissed these rumours out of hand. One day I was tasked by my superior to clean out the room designated to the founder on his visits, I was creeped out as f*ck, scared sh*tless. I don't scare easy, I have been to war after all and blown up twice but that day back in 1999 I was scared to death by that room in the Legionary novitiate in Dublin.

Read Marcial Maciel`s writing at your own peril

He asked me if I thought it possible to save the writings of Fr. Maciel. Many of them, he said, contain instruction and reflections that are, in and of themselves, good and useful. Many are simply his expression of elements of spirituality and religious life common to the universal Church. Why not keep what is good in his writings even if we must disown and distance ourselves from his person?

Why throw out the baby with the bathwater?

I answered with two analogies.

Adolph Hitler was a painter. Paintings of his have survived and even been auctioned off to collectors and historians in recent times. He painted landscapes. He painted the Blessed Virgin with the Christ Child. He fancied himself quite the accomplished artist.

Hitler is not remembered for his art. He is forever engraved upon the collective memory of humankind as arguably the least human, most deranged and criminal mass murderer of modern times. That is who he was.

To say, ‘let’s forget who he was and hang his paintings in the rectory’ would be disingenuous, offensive and repugnant to even the most lenient of critics.

One cannot separate the art from the artist. BECAUSE OF WHO HE WAS, Hitler’s Madonna and Child becomes a particularly blasphemous mockery of the Virgin, Christ and all the sacred artwork that has tried to represent the Holy Mother and her Son throughout time.

Analogy number two: in the Gospel narration of the temptations of Jesus, Satan quotes Sacred Scripture in the hopes of inducing the Savior to sin.

By itself, Scripture is a holy and valuable guide. On the lips of the Adversary it becomes a singularly vile and devious hex, a sacrilegious manipulation that reeks of evil and desperation.

Fr. Maciel was neither Satan nor Hitler and analogies take us only so far.

But while Fr. Maciel masqueraded as the saintly founder, the admirable priest, apostle and ‘suffering servant of Yahweh’ that all the LCs sought to emulate in their own vocation, his writings were veritable treasures that we meditated and quoted, memorized and preached.

Once we found out who he truly was, those same writings have turned into the cruelest of jokes, a most unholy parody of true spirituality and religious tradition, a sacrilegious satire that should make us all ashamed of having once proudly called ourselves ‘co-founders’.

The bathwater dissolved whatever baby there was long, long ago.
So throw it out with no regrets.

Full article at written by Fr. Francis Snell LC under the preudonym Fr.Damien Karras.

Over Population myth debunked thoroughly

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Early feminists were pro-life

Ashley Herzog writing for Proud to be Canadian,

Rewriting History on Abortion

Yesterday marked the opening of the Susan B. Anthony museum in Rochester, New York—and instead of celebrating, a lot of feminists are miffed. The museum was purchased by a member of Feminists Choosing Life of New York, and pro-choice groups are accusing her of “hijacking Susan.”

Apparently, they want the famous suffragist’s views on abortion scrubbed from the historical record.

“There’s absolutely nothing in anything that [Susan B. Anthony] ever said or did that would indicate she was anti-abortion,” Planned Parenthood founder Gloria Feldt.

Absolutely nothing? A quick Google search disproves that in a hurry. In her suffragist newspaper The Revolution, Anthony wrote that “no matter what the motive, love of ease, or a desire to save from suffering the unborn innocent, the woman is awfully guilty who commits the deed. It will burden her conscience in life, it will burden her soul in death; but oh! thrice guilty is he who, for selfish gratification…drove her to the desperation which impelled her to the crime.”

Anthony wasn’t the only early feminist to oppose abortion. Her views were shared by women like Elizabeth Cady Stanton, the feminist behind the historic Seneca Falls Convention and mother of seven children. (If Stanton applied for a teaching position in a women’s studies department today, she would probably be labeled a “Jesus freak” and promptly dismissed.)

“When we consider that women are treated as property, it is degrading to women that we should treat our children as property to be disposed of as we see fit,” Stanton wrote to her friend Julia Ward Howe in 1873.

Victoria Woodhull, the first female stockbroker on Wall Street, also became the first woman to run for President in 1870. An early suffragette with a flair for the outrageous, Woodhull personified the modern feminist slogan “well-behaved women rarely make history.” (She was repeatedly arrested and jailed for her political activities.) And she, too, opposed abortion.

“A human life is a human life and equally to be held sacred whether it be a day or a century old,” Woodhull wrote. “Wives…to prevent becoming mothers…deliberately murder [children] while yet in their wombs. Can there be a more demoralized condition than this? ”

Alice Paul, who authored the original Equal Rights Amendment, was willing to face arrests, harassment and physical assaults in order to win the right to vote. Later, when 1960s feminists began advocating the repeal of abortion laws, Paul asked, “How can one protect and help women by killing them as babies?” She considered abortion “the ultimate exploitation of women.”

It’s one thing for pro-choice feminists to admit they disagree with the early feminists’ position on abortion. It’s quite another to suppress the truth and stuff words in the suffragists’ mouths—words clearly contradicted by their own writings.

Some pro-choicers’ denialism is borderline comical. After the opening of the Susan B. Anthony museum, an opposition group launched a Web site dedicated to refuting Anthony’s anti-abortion stance.

“Feminists Choosing Life of New York, Feminists for Life of America, and Susan B Anthony’s List are engaging in a incessant campaign to align Susan B Anthony with their anti-choice cause and imply that Susan B Anthony was pro-life,” the site says. “One of the primary goals of is to provide accurate historical interpretation and context regarding Susan B Anthony’s written and verbal statements regarding the abortion issue.”

However, the site doesn’t provide a single source citing Anthony’s written and verbal statements. The “resources” section of the site is blank.

As my old boss used to say, “if you don’t like what the facts say about your ideology, you might want to rethink your ideology.”

As for who is “hijacking Susan” and rewriting history, pro-choice feminists might want to look in the mirror.

Ashley Herzog is a columnist from Ohio and the author of Feminism vs. Women.

Canadian "Human Rights Commissions"

Here is the opening statement from Ezra Levant's trial before the Canadian Human Rights Commission. Mr. Levant's crime? Mr. Levant had the audacity to publish the Danish Mohammed cartoons in his now defunct, Western Standard magazine. The Canadian constitution guarantees the rights of Canadians to, "life, liberty and security of the person", not the right of muslims to not be offended! Here we have muslims, hauling an innocent man before the illegitimate "human rights" tribunal, for excercising his constitutionally guaranteed rights. Please Mr. Harper abolish these violations of Charter rights!

I was born in the wrong era

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Convictions magazine ... subscribe now!

I am a subscriber to the great and relatively new, "Convictions" magazine. It is the official publication of the SSPX in Canada but its beautiful articles apply to all Catholics who love anything, good, true and beautiful. (bonum, verum, pulchrum) To subscribe call (204) 589-4524, but you can also check them out at

Convictions is the official magazine of the Canadian District of the SSPX. Convictions endeavors to offer our readers articles on the unchangeable doctrine of our Holy Mother Church in order to deepen the faith. Convictions provides articles from a Catholic perspective on all kind of questions of modern life; topics such as Liturgy, Ethics, Maryology, Catechism, Education, Church History, News from the Catholic World and from our Chapels, etc. Convictions is independent, doesn't strive after any political or commercial goal, but intends to address itself to all Catholic Canadians.

The war against boys in education part 2

Here is the article in Maclean's magazine by Julia McKinnel. In it she clearly explains why boys are falling so far behind in the public education system.

Hamoyoun recommends daily two-hour study periods with five-minute breaks from 4:30 to 7 p.m., and at the dining room table, not his bedroom.

If any parent had to dedicate two hours plus to their childrens studyafter school because of the hyper feminisation of schools why would they bother sending them to school anyway? What is the point if you end up doing the work of the teacher at your home anyway? I attended Catholic grade schools and my understanding is that not much has changed since then. A lot of "learning" about self-esteem, the environment and how to roll a condom onto a banana and not a lot of reading, writing or arithmatic. A lot of liberal brainwashing about how white males and the Catholic church are at the root of all the worlds problems. A lot of really anti-catholic nonsense about the validity of homosexual feelings and how abstinence was good but "you probablly won't want to give it a try so use these if you must". Anyhow here is the link to the full article at Maclean's magazine.

The war against boys in education

The following is an article from Proud to be Canadian, Rebecca Hagelin outlines the very war feminists are enacting on our sons. I will follow this post up with another from Maclean's magazine where the secular media acknowledges that boys are falling behind in school due to the hyper feminisation of public schools across North America. It isn't yet available on the on-line version of the magazine.

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Marcial Maciel was a drug addict too

Before anyone considers joining or supporting the Legion or Regnum Christi make sure to do lots of due diligence. The members of the groups founded by "Our Father" idolized him excessively, were bound by secret vows, extreme rules and isolation, elite attitude, extreme control to the point of extracting free will, manipulation and deception. A bad tree does not bear good fruit.

More news comes to light about the founder of the Legionaries of Christ.

Who said this?

"Believing Christians should look upon themselves as such a creative minority and ... espouse once again the best of its heritage, thereby being at the service of humankind at large." --Joseph Ratzinger

Part time theologian, full time Cretin

More on the Rep. Patrick Kennedy vs. Bishop Thomas Tobin battle. Many thanks to Dymphna's Road, , she sent me to this neat blog called the Creative minority report, . In the not too distant past I awarded Bishop Thomas Tobin my own, "True Defender of the True Faith", award. I think the bishops of the world could learn something from this spiritual giant, that the gates of hell shall not prevail against Holy Mother Church, and that to align yourself against her is pure madness. Take notes Rodger "Dodger" Cardinal Mahoney and you too Bishop Weakland (sodomite). This is how bishops of the true church behave.

In Persona Christi

There, I fixed it

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Hi all! Sorry I haven't posted for a few days now. I am in Belleville Ontario visiting my in-laws and showing off my new born baby son, Michael. Today the wife and I brought the little man to mass and have set up a date for his baptism with the priest who married us and who also baptized our daughter. It is such a pleasure showing my kids off. Nice to compare my kids with others whose parents stuff them in daycare centers everyday to be raised by total strangers, therefore ending up with behavioural problems and a very limited vocabulary. No substitute for moms when it comes to raising kids am I right? My wife and I feel vindicated that she is a full-time mom despite being a highly qualified professional. (chemical engineer). The day we decided that she would stay home and dedicate her life to raising our little ones lives happily in my memory. Sorry for going off on a tangent but these past few days have been truly eye opening and I will post about them when I get home.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pro-Life ad rejected

Thanks to Life Site news for exposing this story. It seems that a pro-life ad will not be on the airwaves on CHBC, a Global TV affiliate in Kelowna, British Columbia. The ad had received previous approval by Global TV and the Television Bureau of Canada, however, at the last minute the ad was pulled. The ad was payed for by Priests for Life, New York and sponsored by Kelowna Right to Life in British Columbia. Please check out the Life Site News website to read more and sign the petition.

This ad is chilling and inspires me to do all I can to defend the rights of the unborn.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Boycott call

It was brought to my attention by Life Site news that Toys R Us has manufactured a Ouija board, whose principle target market is young girls as young as eight years of age. Toys R Us has designed the board in order for it to appeal to young girls by making it a cute, pink colour. They are marketing the “game” as innocent fun that even young girls can enjoy. We all know that the church forbids any contact with the occult. There is no denying that a Ouija board does just that. It is not clear to me who one contacts when a Ouija board is in use, safe to say that no one who values the health of their eternal soul would ever knowingly play with one of these “games”. My fear is that unsuspecting girls will be lured into the occult by unsuspecting friends who are just looking to have a little fun. How horrifying to think that children could be lead to perdition by Toys R us for the sake of a few dollars.
"If any of you put a stumbling block before one of these little ones who believe in me, it would be better for you if a great millstone were fastened around your neck and you were drowned in the depth of the sea”. Matthew 18:6
God have mercy on us all!

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Orr 2 for 3

Here is the last of three fights in the Colton Orr vs Matt Carkner saga. In an earlier post I called Carkner a punk and I regret that now. Last night in the pre game show CBC did an interview with Matt Carkner, the boy from Winchester Ontario, he seems like a real cool guy so I was kind of sad to see him take such a beating at the hands of Colton Orr last night.

I am also happy to report that the Leafs seem to have picked up quite a bit of momentum. Too little too late! A lot of the buzz has been around the acquisition of Dion Phaneuf, I however, am of the opinion that the Leaf's recent success is due to the efforts of superstar goal tender, Jean Sebastien Giguere. Go Leafs Go!

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How low will they go?

Here is another example of Islamic barbarism against women and children, most especially female children. Where are the feminists of the west on these issues? In a previous post I wrote an apology to the children of Afghanistan for their upcoming abandonment by the west. One of the groups that will be most affected by the west's withdrawal from Afghanistan is women. God help them all, for we in the west lack the courage and moral fortitude to do so. (more specifically, our politicians do) Thanks to Jihad Watch,

Pakistan: Muslim lawyers group threatens to "burn alive" anyone who defends murdered 12-year-old Christian
Now I know why Shakespeare said, "The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers."

(No, I am not advocating mass lawyercide. Although certainly Pakistan would be perhaps marginally saner without the gentle influence of the Lahore Bar Association.)

"Lahore, Muslim lawyers will "burn alive" anyone who defends murdered 12 year old Christian," by Fareed Khan for Asia News, February 6 (thanks to C. Cantoni):

Islamabad (AsiaNews) - Because of the threats posed by the powerful Lahore Bar Association - an umbrella organization of city lawyers - no Christian or Muslim lawyer is ready to take on the defence in the murder of 12 year-old Shazia Bashir, it was reported yesterday by The Pakistani Christian association that deals with legal assistance.
The girl, of Christian faith, died on Jan. 23 as a result of violence - even sexual - at the hands of her employer, a wealthy and powerful Muslim lawyer in Lahore. The alleged murderess, Chaudhry Mohammad Naeem, is a former president of the Lahore High Court Bar Association. The girl, just 12 years old, had worked as a maid in the home of Naeem in the last six months.

The Center for Legal Aid Assistance and Settlement (CLAAS) denounces that access to the courtroom where the court hearings were held against the accused was denied, because a group of Muslim lawyers (pictured) 'prevented' entry. The association is fighting - for free - for the rights of the poorest and marginalized groups has been threatened by thousands of lawyers - friends of the murderer - that promise to burn alive anyone who wants to represent the victim in court. "

M. Joseph Francis, director of Claas, asked members of civil society, political and religious leaders to rise up and take steps to "condemn this new form of terrorism" by lawyers who "should ensure justice." The Pakistani newspaper The News reported that on Feb. 4, the police conducted the accused to the courts amid "tight security. And, as usual, officials prevented journalists and relatives of victims to come into the hall for "security reasons".

Shazia Bashir's family could not access the court not once but three times, a strange fact, regarding the judiciary in Pakistan. Police officials explain that it would "not be possible" to prevent clashes and violence, where "Shazia's relatives and representatives of minorities to enter the courtroom."...

Friday, February 5, 2010

Buying Loyalty is for Suckers

Recent reports of NATO buying the loyalty of "low ranking" Taliban fighters is the saddest thing I have ever heard in my life. What would make anyone think that they will be swayed from their ideology of death by a few measly dollars when they know for a fact that NATO will be withdrawing from Afghanistan in 2011? This especially sickening in light of recent news of a live burial, honour killing in Turkey.

"Girl buried alive in honour killing in Turkey: Report," from AFP, February 4 (thanks to all who sent this in):

ANKARA - A 16-year-old girl was buried alive by relatives in southeast Turkey in a gruesome honour killing just because she reportedly befriended boys, the Anatolia news agency reported Thursday.
Acting on a tip-off, police discovered Medine Memi's body in a sitting position with her hands tied, in a two-metre-deep hole in a chicken pen outside her house in Kahta town, Adiyaman province, 40 days after she went missing, the agency said.

A subsequent post mortem revealed that she had a significant amount of soil in her lungs and stomach, meaning that she was buried alive, foresic experts told the agency.

"The autopsy result is blood-curdling. According to our findings, the girl -- who had no bruises on her body and no sign of narcotics or poison in her blood -- was alive and fully conscious when she was buried," one anonymous expert said.

NATO Chief: Yes, we're paying the Taliban, but no, we're not bribing them
They're not bribes, see, because they don't call them bribes. Dhimmitude from NATO: "NATO Chief: No Plan to 'Bribe' Taliban," from AP, February 4 (thanks to all who sent this in):

ISTANBUL (AP) -- NATO does not intend to bribe Taliban guerrillas to defect to the Afghan government side as a way to end the war, alliance Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said Thursday, dismissing concerns over the latest plan to end the country's growing insurgency....
On Wednesday, Afghan President Hamid Karzai visited Saudi Arabia, hoping the kingdom would help persuade Taliban militants to take part in a negotiated settlement to the war. Saudi Arabia has a unique relationship with the Taliban since it was one of the few countries to recognize its regime in Afghanistan before it was ousted in 2001.

Yeah, that's gonna work. Anyway, here are the Bribes-By-Another-Name:

In a post on the alliance's Web site ahead of a two-day meeting of NATO defense ministers in Istanbul to open Thursday evening, Fogh Rasmussen said a new $140 million trust fund would offer insurgents an alternative to remaining with the Taliban.
But no, these aren't bribes! Fogh Rasmussen explains why not:

''Much attention is on the new reconciliation and reintegration effort initiated by the Afghan government. Questions were raised if we are bribing the Taliban just to get peace,'' he said. ''I understand why this is a sensitive issue for many.''
He said many rank-and-file insurgents were not fighting against the government and international troops for religious and ideological reasons.

''They fight for the Taliban for small amounts of money to simply make a living or for other grievances,'' he said. ''What is on offer to them is the chance of a new life.''...

Oh, well, then, they're not bribes!

Critics have noted that plans to persuade the Taliban to switch sides have existed for years, but these have generally been ineffective, attracting only the lowest-level fighters with no guarantees they wouldn't return to the insurgency.
And despite those incentives, the insurgency has expanded steadily. In 2004, NATO estimated that fewer than 400 Taliban were left in Afghanistan. By last year, that figure had grown to about 25,000, with the latest estimates in early 2010 raising that number to nearly 30,000....

Thanks to Jihad Watch

Geert Wilders Trial

Great post at Jihad Watch, about the upcoming trial of Dutch parliamentarian, Geert Wilders for his contentious movie, "Fitna." Freedom of speach is under attack in Holland, as it is indeed here in Canada. One of tthe few expert witnesses that the defense will call is Wafa Sultan an Arab-American psychologist, here is an interview that she did for Al-Jazeera TV in Qatar. What a powerful speaker!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Priest

Let us all remember to pray for priests. So many of us are quick to criticise them and how few of us are aware of the challenges of being a priest. How few of us can contemplate the loneliness of a priest assigned to a parish alone with out the benefit of his brother priests. Thank God every day for the gift of the priesthood, without which we would never receive the Son of God in the most Holy Sacrament of the Altar. If we criticise priests and do not pray for them we are part of the problem and not part of the solution. Pray for priests, the front line in the war for souls!
If the priest is a saint, his people will be holy.

If the priest is holy, his people will be good.

If the priest is good, his people will be fair.

If the priest is fair, his people will be mediocre.

If the priest is mediocre, his people will be bad.

: -Anon.

Those Stupid Ontarians

A cowboy named Bud was overseeing his herd in a remote mountainous pasture in Alberta when suddenly a brand-new BMW advanced toward him out of a cloud of dust...
The driver, a young man in a Brioni suit, Gucci shoes,RayBan sunglasses and YSL tie, leaned out the window and asked the cowboy, "If I tell you exactly how many cows and calves you have in your herd, Will you give me a calf?"
Bud looks at the man, obviously a yuppie, then looks at his peacefully grazing herd and calmly answers, "Sure, Why not?"
The yuppie parks his car, whips out his Dell notebook computer, connects it to his Cingular RAZR V3 cell phone, and surfs to a NASA page on the Internet, where he calls up a GPS satellite to get an exact fix on his location which he then feeds to another NASA satellite that scans the area in an ultra-high-resolution photo.
The young man then opens the digital photo in Adobe Photoshop and exports it to an image processing facility in Hamburg , Germany .
Within seconds, he receives an email on his Palm Pilot that the image has been processed and the data stored. He then accesses an MS-SQL database through an ODBC connected Excel spreadsheet with email on his Blackberry and, after a few minutes, receives a response.
Finally, he prints out a full-color, 150-page report on his hi-tech, miniaturized HP LaserJet printer,turns to the cowboy and says, "You have exactly 1,586 cows and calves..."
"That's right. Well, I guess you can take one of my calves," says Bud.
He watches the young man select one of the animals and looks on with amusement as the young man stuffs it into the trunk of his car.
Then Bud says to the young man, "Hey, if I can tell you exactly what your business is, will you give me back my calf?"
The young man thinks about it for a second and then says, "Okay, why not?"
"You're a Member of Parliament for the Ontario Government", says Bud.
"Wow! That's correct," says the yuppie, "but how did you guess that?"
"No guessing required." answered the cowboy. "You showed up here even though nobody called you; you want to get paid for an answer I already knew, to a question I never asked. You used millions of dollars worth of equipment trying to show me how much smarter than me you are; and you don't know a thing about how working people make a living - or about cows, for that matter.. This is a herd of sheep.

Now give me back my dog.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

More on Hockey players

My wife bought tickets for me to this game in Ottawa. My team lost but I did get to watch Colton Orr pound the face off of some punk named Carkner, check out this video of the last true manly sport on earth. Soccer players of the world take notice, you wouldn't last a minute!

Hockey Players vs. Islamic Extremists

Hockey players vs. Islamic extremists as only Davis Warren could draw the connection.

Un-manning the barricades
The best defence is a good offence, according to ancestral lore; and as Canadians we understand the principle in hockey. Play the game in the other team’s zone and they won’t be scoring many goals on you.

Not that you can do without a couple of defencemen (or a goalie for that matter); but even there, the point holds. You want defencemen who can move the play forward, who can get the puck out of your own zone. Just dumping it out is ineffective: you want to pass the thing forward.

Indeed, it is a relief to watch hockey, a game of limited consequence except that it remains a little frozen oasis of common sense.

The big professional teams are all-male. The inability to skate is seen as a liability. Puck-handling skills aren’t negotiable, either.

Merit continues to be rewarded in hockey, and there is no nonsense about this. Mere “credentials” will get you nowhere.

Coaches who prove useless are fired, and even overpaid players who consistently fail to contribute to overall team performance are sent, unsentimentally, down to the minors.

Refereeing is still done, so far as I can see, without any recourse to post-modern “rights language,” and an offside remains an objective thing.

We have yet to see even the theatre of whining that adds a sheen of disgrace to international soccer.

Not that we should cease to be vigilant.

Recent campaigns to eliminate the good old-fashioned hockey brawl—on the grounds that people might get hurt—are a cause for concern. We need to appreciate the greater evil presented by the intrusion of effeminacy into what is essentially a man’s game.

“A man’s game.” I do not doubt the power of that phrase alone to provoke people. That is why it must be allowed to stand.

Among the most urgent requirements of our moment in the “evolution of western society” is to halt the progress of emasculation. An effeminate society will never withstand the challenge of psychopathic masculine aggression—in the form of, exempli gratia, contemporary “Islamism.”

We need men who are men, to defend us; men who are not merely shrill, from the pain of their gelding.

Hockey is itself a surrogate for warfare, and if you doubt it for a moment, listen to the crowd.

(Including the women. Especially the women.) And while I might think professional sports in general a circus for the masses, and a lure into couch potatodom—real men don’t watch, they play—hockey in particular has become valuable as a museum exhibit of many forgotten virtues.

I was writing last week about airport security, making the point that the very fatuity of the latest “politically correct” security regulations—the refusal to profile likely terrorists, the insistence on punishing everybody equally, the abject dependence on fallible and hideously expensive technology, the mindless willingness to be held hostage—may be contributing to the demise of political correction itself.

Even people in the mainstream media are beginning to ask questions like, “How do the Israelis handle these threats?”

But I have learned not to count on public outrage. The polls are now in, and the willingness of air travellers to submit to “full body scanners”—that render them nude to security personnel—proves we continue to be “a nation of sheep.”

Imagine this! Look at the denudations of Auschwitz; see the hell-paintings of Hieronymus Bosch; read the Book of Genesis again; think carefully about what is wrong with pornography.

Now consider the crowds going willingly in nakedness into their airplanes. The tyrant has reduced us to a shivering, humiliated mass. I, for one, have resolved not to board an airplane through a full-body scanner, and I do not believe anyone with a lively sense of his own human dignity should submit to that farce, short of physical compulsion.

Yet there is worse.

The “knicker bomber” who tried to bring down an airliner approaching Detroit—intentionally choosing Christmas Day—was, immediately after capture, singing like a bird about his connections with Yemen, and the imminent threat of further attacks. This vital conduit of life-and-death information was then intentionally plugged, when President Obama made his decision to have him charged as a conventional criminal, read his “Miranda rights,” and lawyered up.

This is of a piece with the closing of Guantanamo, moving the 9/11 trials to New York, the feints at prosecuting senior Bush administration officials, the persistent White House attempts to undermine Gen. McChrystal and Gen. Petraeus in the field with second-guessing and press leaks, and—so on.

And this isn’t hockey, this is war—with thousands upon thousands of lives on the line in America itself and around the world, and the integrity of our society under siege.


David Warren is a columnist for the Ottawa Citizen. Visit his web site at

For My American Friends

Here's one good reason to not accept a one payer health system like the Canadian model.

U.S. heart surgery could sideline Williams for weeks News Staff
Date: Tue. Feb. 2 2010 9:15 AM ET

Newfoundland and Labrador deputy premier Kathy Dunderdale confirmed Tuesday that Premier Danny Williams is in the U.S. for heart surgery and could be off the job for up to 12 weeks.

Dunderdale told NTV that Williams travelled to the U.S. for the surgery because it wasn’t being offered to him in his home province.

“She told us essentially he’s known about this for several weeks, that he’s had tests done, he’s had consultations with doctors,” said NTV’s Fred Hutton from St. John’s.

“The deputy premier, who is now the acting premier, said that this was never offered as an option for him to have the sugery done, so he left yesterday morning to go to the United States.” ...

Personally, my wife and children do not have a family doctor. Why, you might ask? Well I suspect that Canada is not keeping its best doctors because they are heading to the states in order to work for better pay and conditions than the Canadian medical system offers them.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Canada's Highway of Heroes

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.

Political Correctness

Credit to Crusader Knight for this excellent definition of the term, Political Correctness.

The following is the 2007 winning entry from an annual contest at Texas A&M University calling for the most appropriate definition of a contemporary term. This year's term was 'Political Correctness'.

The winner wrote,

'Political Correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.'

Out of their own mouths ...

From Jihad Watch

More on St. Michael

More on St. Michael this time from,
St. Michael the Archangel

(Hebrew: "Who is like God?"). Notice the question mark? This was Michael's challenge to Lucifer's pride.

St. Michael is one of the principal angels; his name was the war-cry of the good angels in the battle fought in heaven against the enemy and his followers. Four times his name is recorded in Scripture:

(1) Daniel 10:13 sqq., Gabriel says to Daniel, when he asks God to permit the Jews to return to Jerusalem: "The Angel [D.V. prince] of the kingdom of the Persians resisted me . . . and, behold Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me . . . and none is my helper in all these things, but Michael your prince."

(2) Daniel 12, the Angel speaking of the end of the world and the Antichrist says: "At that time shall Michael rise up, the great prince, who standeth for the children of thy people."

(3) In the Catholic Epistle of St. Jude: "When Michael the Archangel, disputing with the devil, contended about the body of Moses", etc. St. Jude alludes to an ancient Jewish tradition of a dispute between Michael and Satan over the body of Moses, an account of which is also found in the apocryphal book on the assumption of Moses (Origen, De Principiis III.2.2). St. Michael concealed the tomb of Moses; Satan, however, by disclosing it, tried to seduce the Jewish people to the sin of hero-worship. St. Michael also guards the body of Eve, according to the "Revelation of Moses" ("Apocryphal Gospels", etc., ed. A. Walker, Edinburgh, p. 647).

(4) Apocalypse 12:7, "And there was a great battle in heaven, Michael and his angels fought with the dragon." St. John speaks of the great conflict at the end of time, which reflects also the battle in heaven at the beginning of time. According to the Fathers there is often question of St. Michael in Scripture where his name is not mentioned. They say he was the cherub who stood at the gate of paradise, "to keep the way of the tree of life" (Genesis 3:24), the angel through whom God published the Decalogue to his chosen people, the angel who stood in the way against Balaam (Numbers 22:22 sqq.), the angel who routed the army of Sennacherib (2 Kings 19:35).

Following these Scriptural passages, Christian tradition gives to St. Michael four offices:

•To fight against Satan.
•To rescue the souls of the faithful from the power of the enemy, especially at the hour of death.
•To be the champion of God's people, the Jews in the Old Law, the Christians in the New Testament; therefore he was the patron of the Church, and of the orders of knights during the Middle Ages.
•To call away from earth and bring men's souls to judgment ("signifer S. Michael repraesentet eas in lucam sanctam", Offert. Miss Defunct. "Constituit eum principem super animas suscipiendas", Antiph. off. Cf. The Shepherd of Hermas, Book III, Similitude 8, Chapter 3).
Regarding his rank in the celestial hierarchy opinions vary; St. Basil (Hom. de angelis) and other Greek Fathers, also Salmeron, Bellarmine, etc., place St. Michael over all the angels; they say he is called "archangel" because he is the prince of the other angels; others (cf. P. Bonaventura, op. cit.) believe that he is the prince of the seraphim, the first of the nine angelic orders. But, according to St. Thomas (Summa Ia.113.3) he is the prince of the last and lowest choir, the angels. The Roman Liturgy seems to follow the Greek Fathers; it calls him "Princeps militiae coelestis quem honorificant angelorum cives". The hymn of the Mozarabic Breviary places St. Michael even above the Twenty-four Elders. The Greek Liturgy styles him Archistrategos, "highest general" (cf. Menaea, 8 Nov. and 6 Sept.).

I am proud to announce that my son, Michael, was born on the 29th of January, very early in the morning, weighing in at 8 lbs, 8 ounces and was 20 inches long. Is there any doubt that I honour St. Michael? I named my first born son after him!