Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Convictions magazine ... subscribe now!

I am a subscriber to the great and relatively new, "Convictions" magazine. It is the official publication of the SSPX in Canada but its beautiful articles apply to all Catholics who love anything, good, true and beautiful. (bonum, verum, pulchrum) To subscribe call (204) 589-4524, but you can also check them out at http://www.sspx.ca/Convictions/index.htm.

Convictions is the official magazine of the Canadian District of the SSPX. Convictions endeavors to offer our readers articles on the unchangeable doctrine of our Holy Mother Church in order to deepen the faith. Convictions provides articles from a Catholic perspective on all kind of questions of modern life; topics such as Liturgy, Ethics, Maryology, Catechism, Education, Church History, News from the Catholic World and from our Chapels, etc. Convictions is independent, doesn't strive after any political or commercial goal, but intends to address itself to all Catholic Canadians.

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