Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Father of Lies: And his chosen servants ...

Just a few paragraphs about Legionary lies, enjoy the rest at,

-The Legionary of Christ is trained to lie from the very onset of his vocation. There are no classes in lying taught immediately after Gregorian Chant class on Friday nights, because the approach is more subtle—given by example as well as by command. Within the Legion, a variety of subterfuges justify the lying, and amazingly, even many of those who have left the Legion years ago still engage in the practice. Along with the lies, many former members wish to advance the “Kingdom” by sending ReGAIN letters in support of the Legion, which are laced with profanity and obscenities. The ability to distinguish between what is appropriate and objective sin is obviously lost, as such letters usually end with a curiously contradictory “In Christ” or “I will pray for you.”

-Superiors often lie to their subjects regarding those brothers and priests who leave the Legion. “He was mentally ill” or “He was sent on a special secret mission for the pope by Nuestro Padre” are just a couple of the ridiculous examples we witnessed, used by worried superiors wanting to keep hold of the men under their watch. There must be a better way to protect the remaining vocations than to lie about the discernment process of exiting members.

-Parents are routinely lied to about the spiritual well-being of their sons, and by their own sons themselves. Legion rules dictate this. The religious may never reveal the true nature of his spiritual life to his parents. Parents are not only left out of vocational discernment, but are deceived as to its progress. A parent is often the last person to know when his or her son leaves the Legion, and that phone call is often to ask for money for the plane ticket home.

-Young men who are targeted for recruitment by the Legion of Christ have been told a whole series of lies regarding life in the Legion in order to hook them and reel them in. One of the most vicious of these lies concerns the promise of education. For decades, the Legion has promised young men that they will study for a civil career in the Legion. I was told that only twenty years ago. The Legion has never delivered on that promise. On the other hand, if a Legionary leaves under difficult circumstances, the congregation will occasionally “lose” critical transcripts, forcing the man to retake years of classes. Lies, in this case, go hand-in-hand with personal retribution.

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gregorbo said...

BVP--thanks for the posts regarding the Legionaries. Would you contact me at gregorbo13 [at] gmail [dot] com ? Someone would like to get in touch with you regarding your experience (in the Legion). He's a canon lawyer named Pete Vere and posted a comment on another blog ("Life-After-RC"] asking if anyone knew how to find you.

So, I thought I'd try to help him out. My name is Gregory Borse and though I never joined RC, was a principal of one of their schools--have a brother-in-law, now a diocesan priest, who was with LC for about 15 years.

I'll understand if you do not get in touch with me--but would appreciate it.

Thanks--and keep up the good work.

Gregory Borse