Monday, March 29, 2010

My brother, a Legionary of Christ

Well it has been a busy week here in Ontario. It was just one short week ago that we hosted my brother, a Legionary of Christ. As hard as I have been on the Legion in the past, I must say that my brother is the type of priest that the church needs. He was a pleasure to have around, great ... and patient ... with my children, committed to his prayer life and enthusiastic about his role as a doctor of souls! When we brought him to mass at the local parish all the parishioners were impressed by his priestly identity (he wore the roman collar) and by his young age. My wife and I both enjoyed his company and are saddened that we won’t see him for a very long time. Unless, of course, the Holy Father sees fit, to disband the Legion of Christ.
My brother is committed to his vocation in the Legion. While the apostolic visitation was still underway he committed himself to an hour of Eucharistic adoration every day to pray for a good outcome to the visitation. As Pete Vere said, it may be up to men like your brother, to pick up the pieces of the Legion, after the visitation.

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