Tuesday, March 30, 2010


The big names of the Legionaries of Christ who undoubtedly knew about Maciel's proclivities and either assisted him in the cover up or turned a blind eye,
Director general

Álvaro Corcuera, Mexican, 53

Vicar general

Luís Garza Medina, Mexican, 53

General councilors

Francisco Mateos, Spanish, over 60
Michael Ryan, Irish, over 60
Joseph Burtka, American, 40

Secretary general

Evaristo Sada, Mexican, 50

General procurator

Cristóforo Fernández, Mexican, over 70

Territorial directors

Luís Garza Medina, Mexican, 53: Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Poland, Holy Land, Korea, Philippines

Jesús María Delgado, Spanish, 45: Spain

Emilio Díaz Torre, Mexican, 50: Mexico-Monterrey

Rodolfo Mayagoitia, Mexican, 50: Mexico and Central America

José Manuel Otaolaurruchi, Mexican, 45: Venezuela and Colombia

Leonardo Nuñez, Mexican, 45: Brazil

José Gerardo Cárdenas, Mexican, 55: Chile and Argentina

Julio Martí, Venezuelan, 45: United States-New York and Canada

Scott Reilly, American, 45: United States-Atlanta

Jacobo Muñoz, Spanish, 40: France and Ireland

Sylvester Heereman, German, 40: Germany and Central Europe

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Anonymous said...

Dont forget the long time followers of MM... Fr Anthony Bannon- who was for over 10years(?) the territorial director of all USA.
Fr John Develin- The long time personal assistant of MM (he was allways with MM) and defender of his mother's cause of beatification.
Fr Rafael Moreno- Long time Personal secretary of MM... Who was seen many times with MM "Incognito"

... And Many others... Let us keep searching for the truth!!!