Sunday, April 18, 2010

ArchBishop Thomas Collins address to the faithful

The following is a link to the address of ArchBishop Thomas Collins to the faithful of Toronto in regards to the abuse crisis that has recently garnered so much media attention and hatred.

Here is a short excerpt:

“People expect that one who is consecrated with the holy oil of Chrism, will act in an
exemplary manner, and never betray the trust which people know they should be able to
place in a Catholic priest. And yet to our shame some have used the awesome gift of the
holy priesthood for base personal gratification, betraying the innocent and devastating their
lives. When that happens, our first concern must be for those innocent young people who
have been abused, to help them overcome their suffering, and to resolve to take whatever
steps are needed to be as sure as is possible that this does not happen again. We have all
had to learn through failures and mistakes and that is especially true of bishops, who have
sometimes failed in their responsibility to act effectively.”
The address is also posted on youtube:

Friday, April 16, 2010

Support the Holy Father

Here's a cool website I found over at Lair of the Catholic Caveman! There's a link at the top of my blog.

Catholic mommy of 9

Where generosity was expected they got it. I was told to never say no when a superior or director asked something from me. To do so was a lack of generosity. I was told to favor the movement apostolate………….the formation in the movement was more authentically Catholic. I did not pick up a book, take a class, or make any decisions even those that should be made with my husband without the approval of my Spiritual Director or Team Leader. I spent my time recruiting and plotting how to build our apostolate. Want me here……….yes, I’ll go. Hours of formation activities all meant to integrate me deeper and deeper. I read every one of the founder’s letters over and over. I studied them and assimilated them………….after all I am a Co-Founder it is my job to carry on the Charisim exactly as he passed. I spent years questioning nothing yet my heart questioned everything………………………..I said nothing. Even though I knew the main purpose for every apostolate was to either financially support the Legion and Regnum Christi or to keep the membership and vocations flowing. The Apostolate dealing with children were used to recruit for the apostolic schools or eventually into adult RC members. Familia existed to bring Vocations to RC. I knew these things but I had swallowed the Blue Pill.

The constant stream of formation eventually led to squashing my ability to hear the prompting of the Holy Spirit. Many times things did not make sense……………I was supposed to be helping others build their families, but I was always asking them to leave them. I had been leaving mine sometimes 5 nights a week to build the Kingdom of Christ. My now 5 children were very small they needed their mommy at home, but Christ needed me to build His Kingdom right? I remember the praises given to Mothers who sacrificed their families this way. One Legionary told a story of a couple who were outside the house 6 nights a week building the movement and how he had sat with their children and explained to them how wonderful their parents were for doing Christ’s will. Serving other……………………….even at the expense of your own families. No it did not make sense. Some of the stories told about the founder seemed inconsistent. The Pope loved us right? It cost so much money to do everything…………….why? We had formators conventions to attend, evenings of reflections to attend, weekly encounters, Spiritual Direction, Team Dialog, Tridiums, Youth and Family Encounters, Integration Days, Days of Formation, and the list goes on. I left my family at the drop of the hat. Oh they had meals in the fridge, clean clothes, and childcare was arranged………but Mom was nowhere to be found. Then there were the apostolate. I held many hats at one time. I was climbing right up the formator ladder. No I did not ask any questions. All of this fed my ego …………………I swallowed the Blue Pill.

Read more here at :

Notice how the Legion of Christ and Regnum Christi drove a wedge between her and her husband? Yeah ... the will of God ... ignore your stupid husband whom God chose for you from all eternity ... we are RC, the kingdom is us! ... Time is Kingdom ... give us your children to raise! (insert evil laugh here, muhahaha!)


Towards the end of March I wrote a post about my brother, a seminarian at the Legionary seminary in the United States. I am pleased to say that my brother has announced his departure from the Legion of Christ!
I thank Our Lord, from the bottom of my small heart, for my brother's deliverance. I also thank all the folks who frequent this blog and the other Legion watching blogs for all their prayers for my brother. I told Pete Vere about my brother in the past, he said that it would be up to men like my brother to pick up the pieces of the Legion when the recomendations were made from the apostolic visitation. I guess my brother decided that it wouldn't be worth his time. I would like to ask you all for continued prayers for my brother. He is determined to join another seminary and will need the guidance of the Holy Spirit in determining which seminary would be a good fit for him.
Gloria Patri, et Filio, et Spiritui Sancto,
Sicut erat in principio, et nunc, et semper, et in saecula saeculorum. Amen.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

New Host here at Bonum, Verum, Pulchrum ... welcome Mortalitor!

I am an ex-legionary; and could go into great detail about my experiences with the Legion, Fr. MM, his writings, and the Legion as a whole. Let it suffice to say I am deeply sadden and disturbed by all events which I have just recently begun to learn about. I have also been reading many different people’s opinions (all of are very heated by emotion) about what should be done with the legion after the visitation. As a guest writer in his blog I want to give my opinion as to what should be done with the legion and why, in the most objective way possible.
First off; Fr. Marcial Marciel, has been totally disgraced, and removing all vestiges of him from the order seems appropriate. However there are those who say the legion should keep some of his writings, ‘why throw the baby with the bath water’. Initially I would agree with that, however looking more deeply into it after a bit of research, it seems that Fr. MM might have plagiarised some of his writings. As well the main reason I think that his writing should be gotten rid of, is the blatant hypocrisy that comes out his work which gives it all a sick new meaning and makes me sick to my stomach.
Now if we remove all vestiges of Fr. MM, his works and writings, then you in essence have removed the spirituality of the Legion, that which makes the Legion the Legion, the identity which separates it from all the other orders and the diocese. This is true because the legion only uses its founder’s writings and the bible as their only source for spirituality. The legion would lose its identity and would have to find a new one. This finding of a new spiritual identity, as an order could be an exciting and wonderful experience, one that I wouldn’t mind being a part of. However, who is to lead this new spiritual journey? Certainly not the Legion’s current leadership.
The upper echelon of the Legion has been covering for Fr. MM and many others in the order who have committed scandalous actions and some who continue to commit scandalous action while remaining unmolested by law. This is truly the most horrifying thing I have ever heard about the Legion, that priests, an ‘Alter Christus’ would cover up for pedophiles, all for the good of the Legion. The upper echelon of the legion needs to be removed from the order to where it can no longer harm her, and I don’t just mean demotion, I mean out of the order and to wherever the Church deems it necessary to place them. They need to be removed because it is clear that are will to do whatever it takes to protect “THEIR” order, no matter if innocents are harmed in the process.
This leaves the renewal of the order up to the young priests and brothers who are left with the pieces. This has to be a daunting task for those who have been trained to obey all orders and to never question their superiors, for this is part of Fr. MM’s spirituality. The hardest part for them, those fathers and brothers left to pick up the pieces, is that they are all being kept in the dark, by their current leadership, as to what is really going on, so much so that I would hate to imagine their shock if the Legion were to be disbanded. If that had of happened while I was a novice, I think I would have felt betrayed by the Church. So now the question is whether the Legion is capable of finding a new identity. That is a question I don’t feel qualified to answer, and it is something that the Apostolic Visitation will have to decide. In the mean time lets us all pray for the fathers, brothers and lay people who are caught in the middle of this whole mess

Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Legion's own Easter revolution

Pete Vere says it best, so here goes:

In essence, current LC/RC leadership is facing its own Easter Revolution. What's destroying the movement is not Maciel's acts of molestation, but the methodology that allowed him to get away with it for so many years. A methodology taken to heart by his closest underlings, who now find themselves out-of-touch with the horror felt by average Catholics. A methodology that refuses to acknowledge its shortcomings, or blames them on external enemies. A methodology that preaches serenity and tries to distract its members with talk of "good fruits" when real victims are suffering. A methodology that blinded the leadership when a rank-and-file Legionary prophesied the movement's downfall one year ago. Here at : as always I refer folks to Pete Vere's blog, Catholic Light (not Catholic lite) which can be found by clicking this link:

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Is not full knowledge a requisite for full and free consent?

The LC would almost certainly prefer to be left alone to work out its own solutions. The visitation is an embarassment and an undesired intromission into its private laboratory where truth and lies can be arbitrarily fabricated or erased through the alchemy of spin and secrecy.

But the LC is wretchedly incapable of curing itself.

Case in point: how can the LC continue at this present moment to ordain deacons and priests? How can it promote to religious profession the young novices that obliviously inch toward their vows? How can the Legion now so aggressively recruit new candidates to fill its vaunted houses of formation?

Is not full knowledge a requisite for full and free consent? Could anyone validly commit their lives to serve as priest and religious in an institution about which they really know quite little because the truth has been systematically obfuscated and discarded?

Shouldn’t the LC at least wait until the visitation publishes its results – and we should all pray for an independent publication, free from LC filters and delays, if we hope to ever know the real findings and results – before herding more idealistic young men into its ranks?

The retort that present generations are less affected by the scandalous life and legacy of Fr. Maciel and so should progress unfettered by useless hindrances like ‘truth’ and ‘full disclosure’ is disingenuous at best. Every new candidate to the LC should know up front that he is entering the only existing religious order in the Catholic Church whose Founder was a sexual predator and a pathological liar who lived a double life during the sixty whatever years of the foundation. The parents of every new recruit should be carefully informed that their son or daughter is about to put their life and conscience in the hands of an institution that has had to disown its Founder because of accusations of sexual abuse (“more than 20, less than 100”), toss out all the writings and teachings that sustain his warped spirituality and now awaits with uncertainty a judgment on its future existence. They should also know that the men presently running the organization that will exercise full and unmitigated authority over their son or daughter were hand-picked by Fr. Maciel and swore personal allegiance to him at the last General Chapter.

Hey, folks, wake up!!! I mean this ain’t the Jesuits, the Dominicans or the Salesians you’re joining… we’re the LC!!!

Read more from Fr. "Damien Karras" here at:

Vows of Silence? Does that sounds like a good idea?