Sunday, April 18, 2010

ArchBishop Thomas Collins address to the faithful

The following is a link to the address of ArchBishop Thomas Collins to the faithful of Toronto in regards to the abuse crisis that has recently garnered so much media attention and hatred.

Here is a short excerpt:

“People expect that one who is consecrated with the holy oil of Chrism, will act in an
exemplary manner, and never betray the trust which people know they should be able to
place in a Catholic priest. And yet to our shame some have used the awesome gift of the
holy priesthood for base personal gratification, betraying the innocent and devastating their
lives. When that happens, our first concern must be for those innocent young people who
have been abused, to help them overcome their suffering, and to resolve to take whatever
steps are needed to be as sure as is possible that this does not happen again. We have all
had to learn through failures and mistakes and that is especially true of bishops, who have
sometimes failed in their responsibility to act effectively.”
The address is also posted on youtube:


mortalitor said...

The priest at my parish read this message to us toaday at sunday mass, and it was good to hear a message from the bishop. However after the message the good father went on to remind us all that the media will always play up any mistakes that the catholic church does and will 'NEVER' play anything on the good that the church does. So he asked us all to remember all the good that the church does.

Anonymous said...

Well, the media loved JPII. It seems to me that the media played a whole lot of good things about the Church back then. We didn't hear any cries by the hierarchy about conspiracies of the freemasons, jews, haters-in-general back then.

When my child is being really rotten, I tend not to sing his praises for all the good things he has done.

Once the Church quits pointing fingers and blaming everybody but themselves (and indeed, there are signs this is starting to happen with bishops beginning to condemn the Church behavior), mans up to its responsibilities by making the heads roll of all of those whose attitudes are like Cardinal Hoyos', and decides to investigate what REALLY caused so many hierarchy to care more about keeping up appearances than protecting the children, the Church will gain a bit of credibility back. And perhaps then we'll start to see the media reporting on some of the good things done by Catholicism.

If my rotten kid is pointing fingers and blaming everyone but himself for the mess he is in, I definitely don't run around proclaiming all the good things he has done. Not until he faces and accepts responsibility for the bad things he has done as well.