Saturday, April 3, 2010

Is not full knowledge a requisite for full and free consent?

The LC would almost certainly prefer to be left alone to work out its own solutions. The visitation is an embarassment and an undesired intromission into its private laboratory where truth and lies can be arbitrarily fabricated or erased through the alchemy of spin and secrecy.

But the LC is wretchedly incapable of curing itself.

Case in point: how can the LC continue at this present moment to ordain deacons and priests? How can it promote to religious profession the young novices that obliviously inch toward their vows? How can the Legion now so aggressively recruit new candidates to fill its vaunted houses of formation?

Is not full knowledge a requisite for full and free consent? Could anyone validly commit their lives to serve as priest and religious in an institution about which they really know quite little because the truth has been systematically obfuscated and discarded?

Shouldn’t the LC at least wait until the visitation publishes its results – and we should all pray for an independent publication, free from LC filters and delays, if we hope to ever know the real findings and results – before herding more idealistic young men into its ranks?

The retort that present generations are less affected by the scandalous life and legacy of Fr. Maciel and so should progress unfettered by useless hindrances like ‘truth’ and ‘full disclosure’ is disingenuous at best. Every new candidate to the LC should know up front that he is entering the only existing religious order in the Catholic Church whose Founder was a sexual predator and a pathological liar who lived a double life during the sixty whatever years of the foundation. The parents of every new recruit should be carefully informed that their son or daughter is about to put their life and conscience in the hands of an institution that has had to disown its Founder because of accusations of sexual abuse (“more than 20, less than 100”), toss out all the writings and teachings that sustain his warped spirituality and now awaits with uncertainty a judgment on its future existence. They should also know that the men presently running the organization that will exercise full and unmitigated authority over their son or daughter were hand-picked by Fr. Maciel and swore personal allegiance to him at the last General Chapter.

Hey, folks, wake up!!! I mean this ain’t the Jesuits, the Dominicans or the Salesians you’re joining… we’re the LC!!!

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Anonymous said...

Exactly! Just to error on the safe side they should have closed the Apostolic Schools down immediately last year. You don't gamble with children.

Anonymous said...

It seems that the safety of children is still not much of a priority with church hierarchy, despite all lip-service to the contrary.

If it were, they would have immediately shut down all schools founded by and run according to the methodology of a child rapist and a con man. And still being run by priests closely formed in the likeness of man we now know to be a child predator. For years, they measured every single action by, "Would would our father Maciel do?"

I mean, nobody in the Legion that I am aware of has even acknowledged what a horrible spiritual abuse of children they committed by feeding the innocent young in their care the poison spirituality of a sexual predator masquerading as a saint. Nor have I heard any other priests or church hierarchy commenting on what an abomination that was.

It's hard not to think that nobody among the hierarchy really cares at all.

Bonum, Verum, Pulchrum said...

My dear anonymous,
I thank you for your comments. As a product of these apostolic schools I assure you that you are correct. The methodology used by the Legion in its minor seminaries is flawed, to put it charitablly.