Thursday, April 8, 2010

New Host here at Bonum, Verum, Pulchrum ... welcome Mortalitor!

I am an ex-legionary; and could go into great detail about my experiences with the Legion, Fr. MM, his writings, and the Legion as a whole. Let it suffice to say I am deeply sadden and disturbed by all events which I have just recently begun to learn about. I have also been reading many different people’s opinions (all of are very heated by emotion) about what should be done with the legion after the visitation. As a guest writer in his blog I want to give my opinion as to what should be done with the legion and why, in the most objective way possible.
First off; Fr. Marcial Marciel, has been totally disgraced, and removing all vestiges of him from the order seems appropriate. However there are those who say the legion should keep some of his writings, ‘why throw the baby with the bath water’. Initially I would agree with that, however looking more deeply into it after a bit of research, it seems that Fr. MM might have plagiarised some of his writings. As well the main reason I think that his writing should be gotten rid of, is the blatant hypocrisy that comes out his work which gives it all a sick new meaning and makes me sick to my stomach.
Now if we remove all vestiges of Fr. MM, his works and writings, then you in essence have removed the spirituality of the Legion, that which makes the Legion the Legion, the identity which separates it from all the other orders and the diocese. This is true because the legion only uses its founder’s writings and the bible as their only source for spirituality. The legion would lose its identity and would have to find a new one. This finding of a new spiritual identity, as an order could be an exciting and wonderful experience, one that I wouldn’t mind being a part of. However, who is to lead this new spiritual journey? Certainly not the Legion’s current leadership.
The upper echelon of the Legion has been covering for Fr. MM and many others in the order who have committed scandalous actions and some who continue to commit scandalous action while remaining unmolested by law. This is truly the most horrifying thing I have ever heard about the Legion, that priests, an ‘Alter Christus’ would cover up for pedophiles, all for the good of the Legion. The upper echelon of the legion needs to be removed from the order to where it can no longer harm her, and I don’t just mean demotion, I mean out of the order and to wherever the Church deems it necessary to place them. They need to be removed because it is clear that are will to do whatever it takes to protect “THEIR” order, no matter if innocents are harmed in the process.
This leaves the renewal of the order up to the young priests and brothers who are left with the pieces. This has to be a daunting task for those who have been trained to obey all orders and to never question their superiors, for this is part of Fr. MM’s spirituality. The hardest part for them, those fathers and brothers left to pick up the pieces, is that they are all being kept in the dark, by their current leadership, as to what is really going on, so much so that I would hate to imagine their shock if the Legion were to be disbanded. If that had of happened while I was a novice, I think I would have felt betrayed by the Church. So now the question is whether the Legion is capable of finding a new identity. That is a question I don’t feel qualified to answer, and it is something that the Apostolic Visitation will have to decide. In the mean time lets us all pray for the fathers, brothers and lay people who are caught in the middle of this whole mess


Anonymous said...

Father Maciel claimed his innocence. Please note he never was tried in a civil or ecclesiatical court. The campaign against Father Maciel and the Legion of Christ is a smear campaign which roots are in pride and envy.

Appalled Once Again said...

Wow, I am amazed that people like the above Anonymous are still fighting for the child rapist, dear old perverted Father Maciel.

This alone shows just how deep the evil and malformation of this order has gone.

It really speaks volumes when Catholics are online fighting for child rapists because of their belief in same rapist's twisted spirituality. And smearing those who would bring out the truth with cries of "Pride! Envy!" If that isn't ironic, I don't know what is.

If somebody had told me this a few years ago---that people who consider themselves to be good Catholics would be sticking up for child rapists and criminals of the lowest kind, all to protect a "Movement"---I would have said, "Preposterous!"

This is the depths to which the mastermind of Maciel, that great Legion of Christ, has brought us.

Mortalitor, thank you for your insightful blog entry. Please know you and all other LC/RCs of good will are in my prayers. Those of bad will are in my prayers, too, but for different reasons.

A120 said...


You clearly don't do any thinking for yourself, but how did you make the decision of who to put your gullible faith in? Was your simple mind merely taken by the LC because they were the first to demand it from you?

If you are uncomfortable with free-thinking, after the Legion is disbanded, you are welcome to come and be my slave. I promise to be very demanding and make you feel special and tell you just how to feel and react to everything. You'll never have to worry about decisions or criticism again. All I require is unquestioning loyalty. Oh yes, and you'll have to recruit others.

Please consider my offer. Together we can make millions, I just know it.

Anonymous said...

Your line of reasoning does not really complete the application of the principles you use.
1) Writings are not only plagiarized, but of the ones that are not- they are deeply hypocritical. There is a difference between writings that have a spiritual message- any rage theorists and Catholic thinkers can do that, another is a lived set of authentic spiritual experiences that are communicated and worthy of imitation. Spiritual writing that is not rooted in an authentic witness of life has never been, nor ever can be the spirituality of a religious congregation. The LC's clear do not get that.
2) You just cannot have a committee meeting among a group of likeable LCs, have them select some spirtuality from the patrimony of the Church and impose it one everyone, not even a General Chapter can do that- though it may be a forum to make a non-binding platform for a new beginning for those who wish to go on. Whatever is chosen requires a NEW CALL, a new vocational decison to be exercised in the total freedom of each individual conscience, with no impositon from a group in any size or number.
If you loose 1/2 the men, or 2/3 rds so be it. In would be a grave injustice to bait and switch them however. For me, the first step is to have all their vows declared null on the basis of past deceit and start from there.

Deirdre Mundy said...

Anon 3:27-- The one problem I see with dissolution is that these men have already been formed in heterodoxy. They are NOT good, orthodox priests, they are men who THINK they are orthodox... they may WANT to be orthodox... but at the moment?

1. They have a mistaken idea of what "Charity" is.

2. They have weird ideas about "discernment", "obedience", "vocation" and "Ignatian spirituality"

3. They apparently don't believe that spiritual direction is confidential.

4. None of these men ever HAD a Vocation to the Legion, some might not have had a Vocation to the priesthood. (No vocation to legion because God would NOT call ANYONE to follow the twisted spirituality and methodology of an evil founder... just like how no one had a vocation to the manicheans.)

So, on the one hand, if we dissolve, we have all these malformed priests joining our dioceses and other religious orders.

On the other hand, if they're NOT dissolved, they're in no shape to find a new charism.

Perhaps the Legion should be kept alive until these priests can be recatechized-- but forbidden from recruiting. (Though honestly, at this point I can't see why anyone with access to Google and an honest confessor would even CONSIDER a life in the Legion.)

Anonymous said...

Some deformations are relational: they exist only inside the group, being rooted in the system of how they relate to each other. Once out of the group, corrections automatically kick in. Second while some errors may be deeply individualized, they may only be so among the nomenklatura and a few others who had to pass certain loyalty tests to get to where they are. Many are just following who simply follow many things without thinking about them much. Give them new instructions and change is instant. Additionally we do have a lot of evidence from Trastevere and other blogs of many LCs who see through a lot of the errors from the inside but the system is tightly managed to box out "the doubters." So if a decapitated LC comes to pass, the free flow of ideas would increase that number. I note also some ex RC who retained much admiration for the way some LCs let them leave in peace. Many of them in the light of all they have heard are quite ready to dump a lot overboard if it has any tie to MM.

Personally I would consider it seriously wrong to implicitly deny any LC their freedom to live in the truth, it will make them think, i.e. the means to it would be to declare their vows null as one bishop suggested and refuse any new vows until a year or two of living under any reconstitution of an order.
I think any effort that is really pastoral, fraternal and helped along by good-hearted Bishops will do much good and put these men on a good path, even if separate ones.
Some will leave it all, I realize that. It is not right through to leave them in a "holding bin", as for any of us, the Lord wants these men to bear the fruit that will last (right witness of life), whatever the cost.